“Wear for Life” is more than a motto. It’s a philosophy that is built into everything we do. Our focus on using leather gives our customers a high quality, beautiful product that lasts. Leather is not part of our throw-away society, but rather a product that gets better with age and lasts a lifetime.


Our reputation as a first class manufacturer has also won the attention of socially responsible companies who use our domestic factory as a training facility for their compliance officers. Circa has implemented lean manufacturing methodologies to increase flexibility, eliminate waste and to reduce lead times. We continually strive toward greater efficiency and sustainability through best-in-class operating principals, advanced machinery and attention to details.


We also apply a continuous improvement philosophy to all aspects of our business, including environmental responsibility.  For example, our scrap leather is recycled as trim on belts and in smaller leather goods items; thus eliminating the cost and fuel associated with buying a new material, thus keeping the scrap leather out of the waste stream. In addition, we donate leather samples to local charities to be re-purposed as flooring or other interiors accents.



Circa's  USA-based facility offers fast turn on the highest quality product utilizing an expansive leather inventory and the latest manufacturing technology. Strategic alliances throughout the supply chain ensure we produce styles at the best price for our customers and brands.


Long-standing relationships with responsible overseas factory partners guarantee that Circa can produce a full spectrum of styles and materials, maintaining attention to value and ethical business practices.



We pride ourselves on our customized service and our ability to support our customers’ specific supply chain requirements.


     • Account Managers provide end-to-end support

     • Inventory Analysis and Vendor Managed Inventory support

     • USA or overseas factory direct shipments

     • USA based Warehouse and Distribution Center supports just-in-time initiatives by stocking customer inventory